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Tatiana Ilnicki


Growing up in New Jersey Tatiana always loved driving along the Hudson River looking at the beautiful homes that span from the George Washinton Bridge down to Jersey City. Now she is for filling her dream of helping people move into these homes,.

Tatiana is a licensed Real Estate Agent in both New Jersey and New York. In New Jersey Tatiana specialize in the Hoboken and Jersey City luxury market.

Tatiana received her undergrad in business marketing and psychology from Arizona State University, with those two studies combined it led her into the great industry of real estate. Real Estate has become her passion, servicing clients to cover all their needs and bring joy into their lives. Guiding clients through many life decisions she stops at nothing to assure her clients receive her undivided attention throughout every transaction.  

Tatiana combines marketing, social media, and communication skills to make sure the process for each client is smooth, successful, and fun all at the same time. 

instagram: @hobokenhomes

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