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Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to

~Sir Richard Branson



The David DeVoe Production Team: 

We are proud to have our full service production team help you Achieve Your Dream of Buying or Selling Real Estate. Our goal is to provide the best service possible to handle your Real Estate needs from start to finish. In today's market, it takes a proactive, focused approach to ensure that a transaction is handled correctly and closed efficiently. By taking all of the burden off of your shoulders and putting it onto ours, your goal, whether it is to buy or sell, will be handled in a manner that will seem effortless and enjoyable. 


For sellers, you will have 2 full time listing agents working our proven 54 point plan of action to protect your equity and get you the most money possible to get you to your next home. You will also have a full time transaction coordinator, client concierge, and an administrative assistant coordinating with all Attorneys, inspectors, and lenders to make sure the transaction reaches the closing table efficiently and without any delay. We have 4 buyer specialists that are here to make sure that every single potential buyer that we generate for your home is handled with the best care possible. 


For buyers, you will have a full time exclusive buyer's agent working with you to find you the best properties in your area and negotiating the absolute best price and terms for the property you are buying. You will also have a full time buyer transaction coordinator and an administrative assistant coordinating with all Attorneys, inspectors, and lenders to make sure your transaction reaches the closing table efficiently and without any delay. 

The DeVoe Group - MVVBP




To provide a level of service and expertise that our clients never knew existed, such that they become raving fans and ambassadors for our growth; and to have fun doing it.




To inspire, guide, and assist, with integrity and contribution.  To consistently help our clients achieve their real estate goals and directly influence generational wealth.  Change the paradigms of the real estate industry with innovation and massive growth, such that everyone we touch will benefit.




Integrity: To always do what we say we are going to do

Honesty: To do complete work, without cutting corners

Contribution: To constantly look for opportunities to help others

Service: To be certain that our clients know exactly what is happening at all times

Growth: better than the day before, progress, not giving up, breaking ceilings, no limitations, growing past self-imposed limitations, grit (perseverance), innovation

Gratitude: To live in appreciation for every moment, such that it impacts everyone in our world.




In coming from contribution, we aspire to enrich the lives of others and help them fulfill their true potential.




As a result of the MVVB, any client, affiliate, allied resource, or ambassador will experience the greatest advantage toward growth in every aspect of real estate.  We will continually innovate and outpace anyone else in the industry.